Two very rich, yet contrasting, cultures have been the major influences on the life and music of this MC from Queens, New York. Milad aka Miladic was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982, three years after the Islamic Revolution that changed the country forever. From one conflict to the next, Iran was in the middle of a ten-year war with Iraq when his family decided to leave the only life they knew and move to Jamaica, Queens on October 16th, 1985. He is the son of two relentless parents, who are the true definition of hustlers; coming to a new country with very little, and putting two kids through college using hard work and discipline. They also made it their responsibility to instill the traditional values of respect, loyalty, and honor in their children, amidst an ever changing society where these things were not as valued as they used to be.


Growing up in New York, his love for hip-hop was inevitable. Legendary lyricists eventually inspired Miladic to start writing. Something that started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and an addiction. He started making low budget songs, conducting small shows in college and around the city, performing at open mic competitions, as well as freestyle battles.

This MC’s appreciation for the artists that came before him along with a deep loyalty towards the hip-hop art-form are clearly evident in his music. These influences, coupled with the work ethic instilled in him by his parents, have inspired him to write lyrics that are dense with substance and overflowing with wordplay. From political songs about Iran and coming of age stories, to creative tracks using personification and songs paying homage to hip-hop, the listener can easily pick up on the depth of thought behind every idea that is conveyed through his lyrical style and alluring flow.

Miladic is currently featured on 2 tracks, “Vintage” and “Chrome and Plastic,” on DJ 5Alive’s (Mike Salerno) album “Lunchbox Riot, The Weather,” available on iTunes. He is also working on his own first album, produced by 5Alive, tentatively scheduled to be released in late summer of 2011. In addition to Hip Hop, Miladic has also helped win “Battle of the Bands” contests throughout NYC, performing with Midnight High, a three person rock band based out of Astoria, Queens.

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